Influence of Rock and Reggaeton in Teenagers of This Era.

The one that makes us who we are, he one that makes us happy, the one that completes our life. Since more than a thousand years ago there had been the presence of music in people’s lives. In every generation there have been different genres that are the most that people hear and enjoy. In Puerco Rice when our parents were teenagers they heard salsa and rock. These were the two major genres that they heard in that time.

These were very different genres and people fought and made harsh discussions because of these very different types of music. But still they stick to it and they danced to it and went to concerts and all that.These differences, then they went out because then other genres became more popular. But still, they hear it and like it because that’s the music that they grew up listening to and liked it.

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Influence of Rock and Reggaeton in Teenagers of This Era.
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Therefore we can see that music could harm us because it works in our brains. We know this because music can make us sad or happy. If we are sad we want to hear music that cheer us up and so that we can feel better.

Likewise, when we feel happy and we hear music that is sad we began to feel sad and people sometimes cry. Moreover, rhythm is very important in the aspect of music. The body has woo responses to music when it passes through our brains. These responses are (1) the actual hearing of the rhythm and (2) the physical response to the rhythm (Laurence O’Donnell)”. When we hear music we like to hear the rhythm of the music so we can dance to it. In addition, in health it’s proven that fast music can increase your heartbeat and also your breathing. Likewise, if you hear slow music it slows your heartbeat and your breathing and it brings down your blood pressure.

So this means that music has a great part in your brain and it goes throughout your brain and it could help or harm our health.Even when you are a baby in your mother’s uterus, scientifically speaking, they hear the music and when they come out almost every single one of them when they grow older they have already a musical preference. This is because the brain already has that rhythm and that music in it and that’s why the baby when it grows up, almost everyone of them, likes certain types of music. Accordingly, when kids grow up and become teenagers they began to form their social lives and began to define themselves. Adolescent are in a time period that think that they are always right and that they are the ones hat rule the world.This is why they always think that what they choose is what is right for them. This is when the music becomes a great part of their behavior of ruling the world.

There they begin to go out with certain types of friends that like the same music that they hear. Some teenagers listen to rock music, when others listen to regnant. These two extremely different genres are the ones that are the most listen at right now in this era. The rock music is the kind of music that just certain people like. This genre was really popular in 1 sass when Elvis Presley sang rock & roll.This kind of sic is a way of people to express everything they have inside of them. Is a Way to get everything bad out Of you System and Scream On the top of your lungs so that everything is out and said.

This became a rebellious point in some teenager’s lives. Still, in this time period some teens listen rock music not just because they like it, they also do it because they are rebellious with their parents and that is the only way they have to get that anger out of their minds. Furthermore, rock music has its own style. Now the adolescents that hear this music they began to dress different that they used to when they ere kids.They began using color black and pink. They had all this black make up that even parents don’t like and sometimes that’s why teenagers do it. Also they do it to fit in with this group of people that listen to rock music.

They want to be like them because now these people are they role models for now on. They, again, change their way of talking and how they refer to people. Sometimes is good for them because now they have friends and they have their own identities, but on the other hand parents are not fine with it and they mostly don’t know what to do with their children.Then the results are that parents began to ground their kids and this is worse for them and then they become more rebellious with their parents because now this are who they are and they can’t change that. At the same time in the genre of regnant there is a similarity. In regnant there is this rhythm that many adolescents like because they like to dance to it. For this reason many teenagers listen to thins type of music.

Some teens began to her this music because of the rhythm that it has. Other teens hear it so that they could fit in with certain people that they think they re cool and they want to be part Of them.Many of them think that by hearing that music they are cool, but what they really have to do is listen to it closely so that they could hear what the music is really about. The influence of the music of regnant on teenagers is not really good. This is because of the content that the lyrics have. If you listen closely you can hear that many songs denigrate women and even women hear it and they don’t care. They are at the point that they don’t care about what the song says.

They just sing it without thin king what they are singing.Also, when some guys hear the lyrics they want to do those things that the song says like: “Enter al quarto, sјbell el volume al radio, queue Nadine SE enter De 10 queue vamoose a hacker shah! Calla, m©tell clients, condo et Mira al espies dime com et sinter… (Alexis y Fide)”. So there you can see that the music doesn’t have lyrics that are good for a teenagers mind. They want to do those things knowing that they are not right.

This songs influence in a teenager’s life greatly because then they want to prove their friends that they can do all that stuff that they are really “men”.But after all that they learn from it and in the long run they begin to know what they are doing. Being a rocker or being a “cacao” they are still teenagers that have to learn from their mistakes. They both have similarities which are that they are undergoing an identity crisis that has to be resolve by their own experiences. They both have their flaws which are the rockers they have this anger issues and this rebellious behavior with parents and authority and the “cacaos” have this behavior of being superior than anyone and that they are “men” and have to do what “grown men” do.

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