Review of Relevant Literature Essay Sample

The undermentioned related literature and surveies are the pillars of our research. These pieces of information are indispensable to hold believable back uping thoughts to our research subject. The said paperss were taken from different beginnings and mentions for case stuffs from other colleges and universities. other printed paperss. and the cyberspace. The research workers besides gathered some information about other universities’ installations to heighten our survey – “PUP-COC Physical Facilities and Laboratories—A Perceptual Study” . Acquaintance with other colleges’ set of equipment will so be of great aid to the research workers. Besides. as the research workers have said in the Background of the Study. the PUP-College of Communication is considered as one of the largest communicating schools in the Philippines bearing the differentiation of being the first communicating school in the state to hold achieved Level III Accredited position as awarded by the Accrediting Agency for the Chartered Colleges and Universities in the Philippines ( AACCUP ) in 2008.

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Review of Relevant Literature Essay Sample
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Because of the said accreditation. the research workers based the classs in our 2nd aim to the criterions of the AACCUP Accreditation. In the Area VIII of AACCUP which has the range of the Physical Plant and Facilities. it is stated that the Quality and Adequacy of the physical works and installations of a learning establishment determine to a big step the successful execution of its curricular plans. In a wide sense. physical works and installations include school site. campus. edifices and other physical substructures. equipment and services that complement institutional and plan effectivity.

The AACCUP besides stated their criterion of a School Site. Campus. Buildings. Classrooms. Offices and Function Rooms. Assembly and Athletic Facilities. Medical and Dental Clinic. Student Center. Food Services/Canteen. Accreditation Center. Housing ( optional ) . Documents. Extra Information and Exhibits. While in the Area IX: Laboratories. it is stated that Labs are support systems in any academic plan. Broadly defined. they cover scientific discipline research labs. address research labs. presentation farms. stores. and other installations for practicum activities indispensable to the successful execution of the curricular plans of an establishment inclusive of their usage and maps. So from this. the research workers decided to categorise the installations and Labs of the College into Academic Related. Non-academic Related. Health and Sanitation Related. and Security Related Facilities.

Foreign Surveies

The Mass Communication Department of University of Sindh- Pakistan. harmonizing to their web site

( hypertext transfer protocol: //usindh. edu. pk/academics/faculties/faculty-of-social-sciences/department-of-mass-communication/179-facilities ) . runs several research lab installations and this includes different equipment such as visible radiations. picture cameras. tripods. and mikes which are available to pupils enrolled in the said section. Intended for practical preparation. the section besides provided a News research lab. including computing machine lab which is unfastened to pupils enrolled in the section that contains a assortment of package applications like MS Office. Adobe PhotoShop. Illustrator. CorelDraw. In-Page. Photo Styler. Free Hand and Adobe premiere Pro.

Meanwhile. in the Daffodil International University. based on their web site ( hypertext transfer protocol: //diu. edu. bd/facilities/media-lab. hypertext markup language ) . they provide a Media Laboratory that has the undermentioned capablenesss for the Television plan manufacturers: sound and echo cogent evidence research lab. air-conditioned suites. DESA & A ; spontaneous electricity. late imported assorted visible radiations of CANARA Company. experienced Lights Crew who is involved in bring forthing Television plans for a long clip. They besides have Video Editing units. to the full air-conditioned Ultra-Modern Matrix RT-X2 Real clip Multi-format Digital Editing Work Station. customized HP Workstation. SONYLMD 1420 Professional Video Monitor for picture prevue. a Conference Room which is environment-friendly. air conditioned. broad and is available for your VIP invitees. Directors. Artists and others. Alongside the Studio. you will be able to bask a large and nice auditorium with the following installations: ( 1 ) Modern technological installations are available. ( 2 ) Seating capacity for audience totaling 300. and ( 3 ) Shooting installation in presence of audience. On the other manus. the MISR International University. their Mass Communication section provides rather a few educational installations which include a Photography Laboratory. Multi-media Laboratory. Broadcast Studio. Post Production Studio. Audio Studio. Print Media and Design Laboratory. Audio Visual Hall. News Room. and a Video Room which is found on their web site ( hypertext transfer protocol: //www. miuegypt. edu ) .

In another university in the west side of the Earth. the University of Minnesota. the School of Journalism and Mass Communication has several installations such as the Murphy Hall that is a state-of-the-art installation for learning and research of news media. mass communicating and new media surveies. The first floor of Murphy Hall includes the cardinal office. adjunct module offices. Student Services Center. Minnesota Journalism Center. a 150-seat auditorium and the Murphy Hall conference centre. While the 2nd floor has the Multimedia schoolrooms. module offices. offices for pupil organisations and a peddling machine. The Research Division. module offices and graduate pupil offices are on the 3rd floor. The Silha Center for the Study of Media Ethics & A ; Law. module offices are on the 4th floor. Murphy Hall besides includes: ( 4 ) multimedia schoolrooms. a 150-seat multimedia auditorium. the Digital Media Studios with capableness for picture redaction. digital and linear sound. and labs for imaging. artworks and communicating design.

A important characteristic of Murphy Hall is the convergence of artworks. intelligence authorship and broadcast labs in a individual infinite. the Digital Media Studios ( DMS ) . The DMS characteristics: ( 1 ) 20-workstation learning country. ( 2 ) 16-workstation learning countries. Internet and networking connectivity. ceiling-mounted projectors for exposing computing machine or picture end product. a cart-mounted computing machine workstation for teacher usage. a broadcast production installation capable of working independently that besides integrates with the university’s telecasting and theatre installations in the Rarig Center. the Digital Information Resource Center ( DIRC ) /Sevareid Library which is a hi-tech information centre with multimedia resources needed for direction and research. The DIRC/Sevareid Library has ( 8 ) networked and interconnected Mac workstations. capable of booting either Windows or Mac OS—each with a DVD thrust and VCR with playback and recording capableness. and ( 2 ) teaming suites with digital redacting capableness. These are all sited in their web site ( hypertext transfer protocol: //sjmc. umn. edu ) .

Local Surveies
In one of the province universities of the Philippines. the University of the Philippines-Diliman. the university has several installations in different sections. In the Communication Research Laboratory. the research lab serves as a locale for computing machine categories every bit good as a depository for communicating databases. They besides have Cine Adarna which has a 1. 000-seat capacity movie theatre that on a regular basis features popular and critically acclaimed films. The wireless studio is acoustically designed and has its ain multi-recording system. The telecasting studio comes with its ain production floor infinite. control room. dressing room and spinner’s booth.

The Television studio has a complete set of audio-visual production equipment. including redacting installations for post-production applications. And in the section of Journalism. the Beltran Newsroom is a installation for the single preparation of Journalism pupils in newspaper layout. design. redacting. composing and processing. This electronic newsroom is equipped with high-velocity computing machines. an LCD projector. a big format pressman. and one scanner. The university besides provided a Media Center which has a Film Studio. The Film and Audio-visual Communication ( FAVC ) Department maintains movie and picture equipment. including a exposure research lab with darkroom installations. Equipment is available for Super 8mm. 16mm. VHS. Hi-8 picture production. and personal computing machines for life and digital station production.

Besides. in one of the private universities here in the state. the San Sebastian College’s Mass Communication Laboratory contains ( 2 ) spacious suites which are connected by a viewing subdivision furnished with video playback system and a multi-track audio console that provide audio-visual addendums for the instructional and workshops necessities of the next schoolroom. Equipped with a large proctor. simple camera set-up. multimedia projector and DVD and VHS participants. the said schoolroom besides serves as a locale for little and intimate seminars and Television intelligence casting activities that are created for pupils enrolled in the section. They besides provided other inside informations in their web site ( hypertext transfer protocol: //sscrmnl. edu. ph/facilities/mass-communication-laboratory/ ) for more information. However. in the Communication Arts Department of the University of the East. harmonizing to their web site ( hypertext transfer protocol: //www. ue. edu. ph/manila ) . they have maintained and updated their installations and set of equipment. For illustration their Speech Laboratory. they have to the full air-conditioned research lab that meets the demands of a modern and sophisticated speech-radio-TV studio.

For broadcast medium. film and address pupils. they provide a wireless station booth that operates on a community broadcast graduated table. Besides available are an audio-video room for movie redaction categories. an editing room with an redacting machine. a recording room. and a linguistic communication research lab with 35 entering booths. each equipped with a participant recording equipment. a mouthpiece and a brace of headsets. Besides. their Caloocan Campus has a to the full equipped address research lab at the land floor of the Academic Building. They besides have an audiovisual centre that makes available to the whole community a assortment of equipment: movie. slide and overhead projectors ; DVD/VCD. VHS and Betamax participants ; tape recording equipments. sound systems. etc. . and the contents of the media library consisting of sound and videotapes. sound and picture cassettes. graphs. postings. transparences. filmstrips. slides and others. Likewise. the Mass Communication Department of the far Eastern University has different installations to assist pupils in their field of work and hands-on instruction as stated by one of their pupils in a web site ( hypertext transfer protocol: //www. pinoyexchange. com/forums ) . They have this Television Studio which is a broadcast installation installed with incorporate professional visible radiations. sound. picture and console/control and communication/talk-back systems.

The Television Studio is used by pupils who are enrolled in their Radio and Television Production and Radio-Television Announcing classs. Students who are enrolled in Radio and Television Principles and Practices besides use the installation to familiarise themselves with the set-up of a Television studio. The Television Studio has the undermentioned installations: ( 1 ) Production Room that is equipped with incorporate professional lighting system. semi-oval type background for Chroma. spot bay for picture and audio connections for mikes with latest SONY HD picture cameras. fog machine. MARTIN MAC250 ( intelligent visible radiation ) . and a traveling caput. ( 2 ) Control Room is equipped with state-of-the-art engineering such as Television Production Broadcast PIX for picture controls and blending ; theatre light TL-NOVA for illuming control and commixture ; Martin Freeky DMX accountant for particular lighting effects ; HDV RECORDER for high definition recording and LITEPUTTER DIMMER PACK for electromotive force ordinances. ( 3 ) Post-production Room or the VTR/ Editing Room that is besides equipped with desktop computing machines installed with Adobe Premiere CS4 redacting suite which the pupils can utilize for their post-production work ( audio-video redaction ) . ( 4 )

Pre-production Room or the war room. this is where pupils can brainstorm. discuss and gestate for their shows. ( 5 ) Props/storage Room. now this is where pupils can build and piece their sets for the production and shop belongingss. ( 6 ) Male and Female Dressing Rooms with comfort suites. shortss and chest of drawerss. criterion mirror which serve as makeup and dress-up suites for the endowments. ( 7 ) Green Room is a locale for the endowments as they wait for their bend during taped or unrecorded shows. And in conclusion. ( 8 ) the Lobby is besides where invitees and visitants can remain. Besides. the FEU Mass Communication Department has a Radio Broadcast ( Technical Control ) Room equipped with professional wireless broadcast equipment. digital playback system with edit-on-the-fly system with which the phonograph record jockey can pre-arrange and re-arrange play list while on air.

The installation besides has Wi-Fi transmittal engineering for listeners’ entree. The installation allows the pupils to heighten their accomplishments in phonograph record jockeying. intelligence coverage. wireless anchoring and hosting. It besides allows the pupils to bring forth unrecorded and recorded wireless plans. They besides have this Digital Audio Recording Room a installation that is equipped with professional mikes and earphones ( NEUMANN and AUDIO-TECHNICA ) to guarantee the quality of voice recording and dubbing. The chief control is PC-based/digital package ( ADOBE AUDITION ) patched to a professional sociable and online redundant recording equipment ( MACKIE MIXER and TASCAM MULTI CHANNEL RECORDER ) . The installation allows the pupils to enter wireless commercials. jangles. teasers. stingers. voice overs. public service proclamations and other collaterals ; and to nickname wireless play. The university besides provided an Audio-video Post-Production Room. This installation is equipped with PC-based/digital package ( MATROX ) for rendering and get the hanging audio-video presentations. movies. and other audio-video end products.

Some of the Department’s set of Laboratory Equipment are: ( 4 ) Sony Casette-portable. ( 1 ) Motorola Communicator talk-back set. ( 4 ) DVD Player Pioneer Mo. 366. ( 2 ) DVD Recorder. ( 1 ) DVD Writer. ( 1 ) Pensonic DVD/MPEG4 Player. ( 2 ) Samsung DVD/VCR. ( 1 ) Document Camera TFV-400. ( 1 ) Sony Handy Cam. ( 1 ) Pioneer Amplifier. ( 1 ) Audio Mixer. ( 2 ) CTV 21. ( 1 ) Camera Recorder. ( 2 ) HP Laptops. ( 3 ) Satellite Laptops. ( 1 ) Toshiba Laptop. ( 1 ) Audio-technica Microphone. ( 3 ) Shure Microphone. ( 1 ) Multi-Tester. ( 1 ) Player. VCD. ( 3 ) OKI Printer. ( 3 ) Projector. LCD. ( 3 ) Wall Dalite Screen. ( 1 ) Sound Mixer 12 channels. ( 1 ) Sony Television Flat. ( 1 ) Sound System with ( 2 ) Speakers. ( 1 ) Tripod for Video Camera. ( 1 ) “3M”Overhead Projector. ( 1 ) Senrun Portable Sound System. ( 2 ) Light Mixer. ( 4 ) Redhead Spotlight. ( 1 ) DLP Projector TAXAN. ( 1 ) Tripod Samson with Dolly. and more.

The research workers gathered four ( 4 ) Foreign and besides four ( 4 ) Local relevant surveies. The four foreign universities chosen by the research workers are the University of Sindh. MISR International University. Daffodil International University. and the University of Minnesota. Because the research workers believe that because these universities are some of the top-ranked universities. they have if non the best. one of the best set of equipment for Communication pupils. On the other manus. the research workers chose the University of the Philippines-Diliman. University of Perpetual aid. San Sebastian College. University of the East. and Far Eastern University for local related literatures because these are besides some of the top-listed universities and colleges in the state that can vie internationally for their installations and set of equipment in their Mass Communication Departments. The research workers besides believe that these installations and set of equipment can assist in the present and future demands of the pupils of the college and possibly assist the university see what needs to be developed and improved in the sections.

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