Quiz 25 questions about religions

Question 1  Which of the following statements about bodhisattvas is true? 
 a They are rejected in Mahayana Buddhism. 
b They are laypeople in Theravada Buddhism. 
c They are enlightened beings who refrain from entering nirvana in order to save others.
 d They are monks who failed to enter nirvana and are sentenced to work for the poor.

Question 2  Which of the following statements regarding Buddhism’s perspective on suffering is true?  
a Buddhism does not claim to be able to get rid of pain or evil, it merely claims that an enlightened person will no longer perceive it.
b Buddhism claims that attaining enlightenment will show individuals that there is no such thing as suffering.
 c Buddhism claims that suffering is caused by evil spirits. 
d Buddhism claims that suffering is necessary for spiritual development.

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Quiz 25 questions about religions
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Question 3  Which of the following choices is NOT one of the Three Jewels of Buddhism? 
 a the Buddha
 b karma
c dharma 
d the Sangha

Question 4  Which of the following choices best expresses how Buddha taught about dharma after reaching enlightenment. 
 a Instead of teaching others how to learn for themselves, he taught them what he learned. 
b Instead of teaching what he learned, he taught others how to learn those things for themselves.
 c He taught them what he learned only if they could survive a life of extreme asceticism. 
d He did not begin teaching after reaching enlightenment.

Question 5  All schools of Buddhism ____________. 
 a accept only the Pali Tipitaka as Buddhist texts. 
b encourage followers to ignore the Three Jewels 
c encourage followers to embrace the Five Precepts 
d encourage followers to reject the Four Noble Truths

Many Mahayana sutras appear to ______________.  
a have been abandoned at a later time in their histories
 b have been abandoned at an early time in their histories 
c have been translated from Sanskrit into local languages at a later time in their histories 
d have been translated from local languages into Sanskrit at an early time in their histories

Question 7  The Irenaean theodicy posits that _______
  a evil does not exist 
b the existence of evil depends entirely on individual perspective 
c the existence of evil is necessary for proper spiritual development 
d evil is an illusion

Question 8  The Vinaya Pitaka contains __________
 a rules for Buddhist monks and nuns
 b rules for Buddhist rulers
 c rules for Buddhist children 
d None of the above

Question 9  While both the Theravada school and the Mahayana school stress the importance of attaining wisdom, the Mahayana school also emphasizes the ______________. 
 a practice of martial arts b practice of studying
 c practice of compassion 
d practice of fasting

Question 10  Vajrayana Buddhism is also sometimes called _________.
  a Tiantai Buddhism
 b Zen Buddhism 
c Mahayana Buddhism 
d Tantric Buddhism

Question 11  Which Buddhist school is thought to be the largest school?
a Mahayana Buddhism 
b Theravada Buddhism 
c Tibetan Buddhism
 d None of the above

Question 12  What is one purpose of the Noble Eightfold Path?
  a To provide instructions for finding an acceptable sangha.
 b To provide instructions for meditating correctly. 
c To provide instructions for eliminating dukkha. 
d To provide instructions for maximizing dukkha.

Question 13  Which of the following statements about the Middle Way is true? 
 a The Middle Way is a summary of the Buddhist creation story.
 b The Middle Way does not require Buddhists to take firm positions on metaphysical questions.
 c The Middle Way requires practitioners to embrace extreme self-indulgence or self-deprivation.
 d Both B and C

Question 14  Which Buddhist text contains rules for Buddhist monks and nuns, as well as explanation for those rules?  a Abhidhamma Pitaka 
b Vinaya Pitaka 
c Sutta Pitaka 
d Bodhisattvas Pitaka

Question 15  It is believed that Buddhism faced a period of oppression under the rule of which dynasty? 
 a the Ashokan Dynasty 
b the Persian Empire 
c the Mauryan Dynasty
d the Sunga Dynasty

Question 16  Vajrayana Buddhism holds ________ intended to focus the body and mind to be central its practice. 
 a rituals 
b charity 
c fasting 
d compassion

Question 17  Which of the following choices is NOT one of the Four Noble Truths?  
a The truth of suffering 
b The truth of the origin of suffering 
c The truth of the path to the cessation of suffering 
d The truth of enlightenment

Question 18  East Asian and Tibetan Buddhists believe there exists a period of experience between lives called _______.  a bardo
 b dukkha 
c samsara 
d ahimsa

Question 19  The cycle of samsara is _____________.  
a blocked by human cravings and aversions 
b perpetuated by human cravings and aversions
 c perpetuated by nirvana d
a human illusion

Question 20  The Zen school is believed to have been influenced by _________________.  
a Chinese Daoism 
b Hinduism 
c Confucianism
 d Both A and C

Question 21  Which of the following choices is the proper term for a Buddhist community of nuns and monks?
  a the Magga 
b Samsara
 c the Dharma 
d the Sangha

Question 22  _______ is the Buddhist term for suffering, stress, anxiety, and dissatisfaction.
  a Karma 
b Samsara
 c Dukkha 
d Nirvana

Question 23  Which of the following statements regarding Buddhism is true?  
a The concept of nonviolence is largely ignored. 
b There is no official Buddhist position on dietary restrictions. 
c Every Buddhist in every school is required to chant daily. 
d There is no prohibition on ingesting intoxicants that can alter one’s mind.

Question 24  Which of the following choices is the correct Buddhist term for a state of bliss offering total peace and freedom from life’s pain?  
a nirvana
 b samsara 
c karma 
d sangha

Question 25  __________ attempt to justify the existence of evil and suffering.  
a Theologies
 b Theodicies 
c Apologetics 
d Dialectics

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